about my photographic life, for anon from yesterday.

to the anon that asked about my photos and etc. heres the details, one. I take photos often because I like to, not because I was encouraged by someone; photos express who I really am, and how my life is planned out. two. my photos are basic things around me in my life, often times its inanimate objects, and fewer times its human beings, like my homies, etc. three. I use photoshop to edit, pretty straight forward. four. my gear and equipment are, a d90 & a d3100, a kit lens for each, 35mil (1.8) nikkor, a fisheye add on, a bower battery grip for the d90, a sb-600 for the d90, and a nikon remote to trigger self shots. I hope this tells you a little more about me, and my life behind pictures, and yeah. lemme know if you wanna know anything else. ask me!


Name: Trey.
Age: 15.
Grade: Freshman.
Current Stay: Milpitas, CA.
Reason For My Tumbr Username: my nickname Trey, and Supreme, a taco from Tacobell or the brand.
Why Do You Drink/Smoke: no, not to look ‘cool’; I smoke to get away from the world, I drink away my emotions, simple as that.
My Camera/Camera Equipment: I use a Nikon D3100 and alter between a D90, SB-600 flash, stock lens, fisheye attachment, battery-grip, UV-filter.
Favorite Drink/Alcohol/Brew: Arizona, C-MO, Corona x Lime.
Height/Weight: 5’9, 130.
Profession: a Basic Phototaker, no biggie.
Ethnicity: Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino.
Haircut: a 1.5 on the sides and the back, bangs are grown out, slicked back or spiked up.
Pictures: some of the photos you find are mine, otherwise stated. some people do steal my photos, so I’m starting to put a copyright on my photos, so you know whos the originator of the drunk photos.
Homies: I have many that I love and care about, by my side. You know who you guys are.
Followers: 500+, and I love them all.
What I Look For In A Girl: she has to be smart, funny, cute, chill, obsurd, intuitive, fashionable, smoker or non-smoker, drinker, sexy, etc.

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask.